James Reston, Jr.

The Last Apocalypse: Europe at the Year 1000 A.D. Doubleday, 1998

"A vivid portriat....Reston has an eye for unforgettable detail."
--Knight Ridder Newspapers

The decades around A.D. 1000 marked a chaotic turning point in European history. Ireland, England, and France were helpless against the ravages of the seagoing Vikings; the fierce Hungarian Magyars laid waste to Germany and Italy; the Moors ruled Spain and threatened the remnants of Charlemagne's vast domain; and a corrupt and decrepit papacy was being overshadowed by glorious Byzantium.
Reston's book is an enthralling popular history of how, at the turn of the last millennium Christian kingdoms converted, conquered, and slaughtered their way to dominance, and by doing so ushered in a new civilization.

The Last Apocalypse received two foreign editions: Great Britain and Italy. Reston lectured widely across the United States about the "Meaning of the Millennium" in 1998-99 and published three essays on the subject in George magazine in 1999.

Selected Works

History, Crusades
"Remarkably intimate and engagingly detailed."
--Kirkus Reviews
"Splendid and thrilling....a wonderfully told story."
--The New York Times Book Review
"It is the triumph of the book that Reston himself is able to offer a convincing imitation of a Renaissance man-stepping beyond the Arts/Science dichotomy of the 20th century to tell the story of a society where not only were science and religion regarded as the same side of the coin, but in which their union made sense....a brilliant biography."
--The Washington Post Book World
"Sifting through court poems, Norse sagas, Hungarian folk takes,....Reston constructs a colorful and dramatic story."
--The New York Times Book Review
History of Sport
A dual biography of the great, but flawed hit leader in major league baseball and the former Yale President and Baseball Commissioner who banned Rose from baseball for betting